Sunday, February 24, 2008

Notes on Chapter 3

I think there are two types of advertisements in the world. Those that we are forced to witness as a way of paying for something (this is the ok kind). For example, when we watch our favorite television programs, we are forced to watch commercials, basically, as a way of paying for having TV shows to watch; commercials are what make TV possible. The other kind of advertisements are unsolicited ads. These are ads that are forced upon us in places where they don't belong; they are forced upon us simply because they are not outlawed. They can, and so they do. One example of this, in my opinion, is billboard ads. Billboard ads do not pay for roads or highways. They in no way benefit the roads themselves, rather they leach off of the roads. Billboards are wrong, in my opinion. Spam email is similar to this. Spam does not fund the email service. Profit from spam emails does not go into ensuring that our email service continues. If anything, spam email makes reliable email service harder. For this reason, in my eyes, spam email is wrong. It's not a benefit to the system, it's a leech on the system.

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